Boom Chicago takes escape rooms to a new level!

A multi-room escape adventure

At a secret laboratory in the center of Amsterdam, scientists have made an exciting breakthrough: Time travel. We need a team of friends for an important mission.

Go back to World War II in occupied Amsterdam and meet with the Dutch resistance. Find a painting that was stolen by the Germans and return to the present without changing the past.

Search for clues, solve puzzles, crack codes and race towards the thrilling conclusion as you Escape Through Time

Boom Chicago’s Next Level Puzzle Room
A multi-room escape adventure!

  • A 75 minute adventure,

    unique in the world.

  • The story is very local,

    set in Amsterdam.

  • Groups should be 2-5 people.

    A clever solo person is technically possible.

  • The Game is in English.

    Perfect language skills, however, are not necessary.

  • Day and evening times are available

    Popular slots fill up quickly

  • The mission takes place in the center of Amsterdam

    Utrechtsedwarsstraat 17, 1017WB Amsterdam

What is the
experience like?

Two to five players work together explore a rich environment to discover hidden clues, make connections and solve a mystery. We also accept solo adventurers.

Be a part of the story and race against the clock towards the thrilling finale. Do not just ‘escape the room’ but Escape Through Time! Everyone finishes the adventure, but only the best can score a perfect 30 points.

The game is in English, but the puzzles are not language based. You do not need perfect English or Dutch (although it’s better).

Escape Through Time is played inside so the weather outside does not matter. Wear comfortable shoes or come in heels, whatever you prefer. There is standing.

The laboratory is reasonably safe, but there is some danger inherent in time travel. Be alert and aware of your surroundings. Enter at your own risk.

You do not need to be athletic or strong. Although Escape Through Time is thrilling and can be intense, it is not classically scary.

The more you know about Amsterdam, the more you will appreciate the story. But no knowledge of Amsterdam is required.

You only play with people in your group. We do not mix you with strangers, like they do in America.

Mature children from age nine are welcome with adults. For groups of teens, everyone must be at least 15.

Please be careful with props, puzzles and decor. If you break anything, you will be charged to replace them. Those who are drunk, disruptive, disrespectful or just assholes will be refused or removed without a refund.

How long is it?

The Escape Through Time mission takes 75 minutes. Preparation for the mission begins 30 minutes earlier in a nearby bar with drinks (the best kind of preparation).

In peak times, groups start every 45 minutes. In off-peak times, we take reservations 90 minutes. For larger groups we can accommodate a five people every 30 minutes. Contact our office for more details.

The full experience includes 30 minutes at nearby Café Onder de Ooievaar while your group assembles and gets in the mood. There, you get your mission pack, the first puzzle and a round of drinks (required, but not included).

If you are running late or don’t want to buy a drink, head directly to the mission.

The mission itself starts precisely on time when you ring the bell. Time travel is a precise science. If you ring the bell early, we cannot answer. Latecomers will be left in the present with no refunds.

Most groups will want a drink afterwards to discuss and relive the best parts. There are many bars, cafes and restaurants in the area. There is comedy and pinball at Boom Chicago, a 12 minute bike ride away.

Where does it
take place?

Not at Boom Chicago! The address is Utrechtsedwarsstraat 17, in the center of Amsterdam. The adventure starts at Cafe Onder de Ooievaar, Utrechtsestraat 119 (corner of Prinsengracht). Meet your group there 30 minutes before your mission time. You will receive your mission pack and the first puzzle (drink purchase required). The mission takes place at a secret laboratory, a two minute walk from the cafe.

Take tram 4 to Prinsengracht or trams 7 and 10 to Frederiksplein. The metro at Weesperplein is 10 minutes away. Park at the Prins & Keizer garage at Prinsengracht 927 (corner of Vijzelgracht).

If you are at Boom Chicago on the Rozengracht, Escape Through Time is a 30 minute walk away. With Tram 10, plan on 20-30 minutes door to door. Biking takes 12 minutes. A taxi takes 15. Yes it’s usually quicker to bike.

How is it different from other escape rooms?

Escape Through Time is more of a puzzle adventure that a traditional escape room. This is a rich experience with original puzzles, music, technology, actors and a thrilling story. Escape Through Time is much more than opening combination locks. You will travel through time!

Furthermore, our scoring system improves on traditional escape times. Since some teams get more hints than others, time comparisons are inherently unfair. In Escape Through Time, 30 points is the best score and a true accomplishment. A team with 26 points honestly beat a team with 25 points. Those with a competitive nature will appreciate our system.


Andrew Moskos and Pep Rosenfeld were performing a Boom Chicago show in Budapest in 2013 when they played their first escape room. The two friends were locked in a room and had to solve a series of puzzles in less than an hour to ‘escape’ the locked room. Since then, they have played tens of escape rooms around the world and become true fans. Their favorite games are in Moscow, a city with perhaps 100 different puzzle rooms.

Many other entrepreneurs have had similar experiences. They played a game in another city and became hooked. Some of these creative people have opened up great games in Amsterdam. The best include Claustrophobia, Sherlocked, and Logic Links. The best game in the Netherlands is The Meisjeskamer in Bunschoten, outside of Amersfoort, although we hear great things about Escape Challenge in Delft.

Boom Chicago joins this elite club with Escape Through Time, a next level puzzle room. Boom fans will recognize elements honed from different projects. We combine location based puzzle theater (Deep Undercover and a pilot for NBC TV), with atmosphere and suspense (Freak Circus) There are even a few good jokes.

Escape Through Time is hybrid puzzle adventure that goes way beyond a traditional escape room.